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Generate income first of all, while building a  productive, stimulating and dynamic work environment, where everyone can make the most of his/her potential.

Set clear and achievable goals and priorities, be it for individuals, teams and  company leaders, while improving communication, optimizing resources and wastefulness, and enhancing your organization system without dramatic changes.  

Dennis Comunian Coach


With the Kaizen method, so no revolutions, no massive investments nor complicated plans, just small daily steps that are easy to incorporate in your organization and are compatible with everyone's skills, We will create the change-management habit in a progressive and smooth way. 


If you are not ready to lead by example, to change a little, but a little every day.  

If you say "it just can't happen in this company"  

If you want to see only growing figures, and you want to grab all you can right now.   

If you think you don't need your "pack", and most of all  if you are not a kind of a crazy dreamer


Dennis Comunian Business Coach

On a voyage since 1973, with Alice since '97, with a dog since I was born. My soul plays rock music, wilderness is in my heart, rugby inside my bones, and spices in my food.

I work alongside company leaders to regenerate their power, while growing their team overall performance, self-esteem and productivity.

Clients & Partners

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What They Say About Me

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For more than 20 years I have worked as export manager for the most iconic italian fashion and design brands, building global and multi-channel sales networks across more than 80 countries and 4 continents worldwide.

My hunger for personal growth, new perspectives and broader horizons led me to become a certified coach and training programme author, to finally start my freelance coaching and consulting business in 2020.  

My business coaching program named Trasformazione is a hybrid business model construction program, infused with the creativity and the "stylish-or-dead" approach of the Made in Italy masters, blended with the Japanese organization method and shaped with the performance-based anglo-saxon business school.  

Marco Girardi

Definitely serious and prepared professional with a great attitude. I found his service level very good, so I recommend him.

Daoud Assad

I had the pleasure of working with Dennis and can't say enough about his professionalism and expertise, his attention to details and commitment to customer satisfaction really stood out.

Mattia Chiodini

I was a student of Prof. Comunian at UPO, his method, certainly far from the academic approach, is very focused and aims to provide students with the necessary tools to perform. As a professor he was one of a kind for his availability and communication skills.

Alessia Corvari

Dennis is the ideal consultant for those looking to create their own brand. His extraordinary skills and commitment are a great help. He is a true talent in the industry, providing exceptional result-oriented service that leaves an indelible impression.”

Juna Colombatto

Dennis is knowledgeable and professional without lacking of that sort of human touch that does make the difference in service. He transmits confidence and we always have excellent discussions with him.

Great job Dennis!

Federico Casari

Dennis is a no-nonsense coach. He is an active listener, understanding one's needs and can  guide you to achieve your goal, advising and showing you the best direction.




Are You ready to become a great leader and kill your organization bugs, manage your time and resources, to skyrocket your team performance and productivity?

I can help you become a better version of yourself



Helping people to shift their limits is THE ONE passion I have been nurturing for over 2 decades, a business tool I carried in my pocket across the 4 continents. Expanding your knowledge and increasing your skills with my training programme is easy, fun and affordable. 



Would you like to learn how to better control stress and overcome limiting beliefs? Or recover from BURNOUT, to build a new mindset and boost your private and professional life? We will design a taylor-made programme fitting your expectations, goals, timeframe and budget too!



I can provide you with customized and result-oriented consulting services matching your needs.

You can rely on my global network of professionals to achieve your expansion goals, get immediate results and boost profit.

If you are not scared to CHANGE and you're looking for an ethical, productive, inclusive and flexible way of doing business, I am happy to offer you a FREE session, a video conference or a phone call, just a hustle-free chat, no worries!

Here are my contacts, drop me a line, or call me to secure your FREE GIFT


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